Monday, 21 June 2010


I will post more this week but last week was so hectic.
Tuesday I interned with an amazing PR company called Bloody Gray PR. It is amazing with brands like:
Rachel Freire:

Gabrielle Marina Gonzalez and her amazing wedges, harnesses and knee pads:

Bitching and Junkfood:

Also do amazing accessories as well. I found myself delivering a lot of Bitching pieces on location to a Lissie shoot.
Neurotica with their beautiful dye work and prints:

Kumiko Watari and her playful designs:

The best things about the internship are that Becc, Phillipa and Jennifer are really cool and that Rihanna borrows pieces all the time.

Wednesday to Thursday I went up to Oxford to visit my old school friend Olivia who I hadn't seen in 2 years. It was very fun exploring Oxford and the weather was beautiful (quite unlike the greyness of  London)

We stopped at my favourite vintage shop in Oxford but it remained in such poor condition. The lady that owns it has some amazing pieces but it is overstuffed, crammed and poorly organised. You can barely get into the shop and it is often closed at random times. Mary Portas is needed here asap.

Oxford street style was cool too. A lot of guys in long shorts, tucked in shirts and 'country bumpkin' shoes (boater shoes). Or being geeky or in oxford robes as they had just finished their exams. The girls were a lot more interesting.

I found some fantastic charity shop finds in Oxford- a green men's Barbour with hood and official Barbour wax for £20, a black sequined top and a crochet top. My friend found a real Dior black pencil skirt as well.

Then Friday and Saturday I did some of my last shifts at Octopus Piazza in Covent Garden which is a really fun quirky home and accessory shop. On Saturday I went in dressed as a ballerina to celebrate Covent Garden's birthday (unfortunately no pictures).

Then yesterday (Sunday) I started my new job at JZD Clapham Old Town. It has the most amazing jewellery collection and amazing pieces especially the Language maxi dresses. The buying for the shop is done really well.

Of course alongside all of this I watched the World Cup.
I was dismayed by England's performance, in disbelief over France and Kaka and happy that USA, Germany, Spain and Italy failed to win so England didn't look too bad. Last night's Brazil vs Ivory Coast games was interesting. Kaka deserved his second yellow and it annoys me that all the pundits are suggesting otherwise. He elbowed him in the chest with intent, Even though Kiete clutched his face (and should have been booked) Kaka still did something wrong and was foolish to do so on a yellow card. Brazil was awesome except for when they began to dive and waste time and I was glad Drogba scored with his injury. The final- hopefully Brazil vs Argentina! unless they meet beforehand. Am about to go and get settled for Portugal's game. Hopefully Ronaldo can do something... but am not really holding my breath....

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