Wednesday, 30 June 2010

The continuation of Alexander McQueen

The first collection following the designer's death from the controversially appointed Sarah Burton has been released during the Resort Spring 2011 and it is very interesting.

Whilst the looks do continue McQueen's legacy in terms of sharp tailoring, femininity and luxuriousness; I feel the usual theatricality and imagination is missing. It looks to be a conformation of some formula which is the dilemma McQueen as a brand face. As Lee McQueen literally poured himself and his imagination into his collections, his brand cannot be as successful or innovative without him. They decided to continue it regardless and this is a commendable first attempt to follow that gorgeous A/W gold collection presented in Paris earlier this year. It is tame but extremely wearable and the red dress is the standout piece.

Clothes Show Live

This weekend just gone was the Clothes Show London at Earl's Court and I was there on Saturday helping out at the Bitching and Junkfood <3 Neurotica Stall with Becc (Bloody Gray Pr founder/ owner) and Marion (founder/owner of Bitching and Junkfood)
Our Stall:
 My outfit for the day:
Vintage Denim shirt, yellow bee print Neurotica dress, KTD bumbag (Bitching and Junkfood), Henry Holland Tights, H&M shoes, feather earring (Marion's design collaboration with Urban Outfitters) and Bitching and Junkfood glasses (in this picture). Both Becc and I changed and added to our outfits over the course of the day.

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Day 3 at Bloody Gray PR

No running around today. Just continued with the contact spreadsheet update.
I cut out mountains of leaflets for the Bitching and Junkfood <3 Neurotica competition at the Clothes Show Live at Earl's Court this weekend. Be there or be square.
It's for all aspiring stylists to win 2 £50 vouchers at both Neurotica and Bitching and Junkfood by creating the best look out of the clothes Bloody Gray PR provide.

 I was also lucky enough to pick a Neurotica piece to wear on Saturday at Clothes Show Live. I picked a yellow bee print mini dress. 
There was one appointment today that we all pulled together to deal with and I raced up and down the stairs
to hand samples to waiting clients.
A cool discovery I made was the jewellery of one of Becc's newer clients Julia Dias and her Culietta jewellery.
My favourites are the Lucy Shoulder piece, Julia harness, Ellie ring and Fran Shoelery.
We also tried on this amazing head-piece which is a bit like Nicole Richie's gold, Indian influenced one for House of Harlow.

Again another fantastic day.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

De ja vu on Day 2

Today was my 2nd day at Bloody Gray PR and  I was lucky enough to meet Rachel Freire whose designs I displayed in the post before.
First I delivered samples to Look Magazine and Machine A.

I got the strongest sense of de ja vu going to 110 Southwark Street as I had been there almost exactly a year ago at Marie Claire as one of 8 finalists in the Neal's Yard Face of Natural Beauty competition.

I had also been into Machine A before with Jacqueline too.
Stills from my journey around London

When I got back I updated the media contacts and watched the England match.
Fun times and more tomorrow.

Monday, 21 June 2010


I will post more this week but last week was so hectic.
Tuesday I interned with an amazing PR company called Bloody Gray PR. It is amazing with brands like:
Rachel Freire:

Gabrielle Marina Gonzalez and her amazing wedges, harnesses and knee pads:

Bitching and Junkfood:

Also do amazing accessories as well. I found myself delivering a lot of Bitching pieces on location to a Lissie shoot.
Neurotica with their beautiful dye work and prints:

Kumiko Watari and her playful designs:

The best things about the internship are that Becc, Phillipa and Jennifer are really cool and that Rihanna borrows pieces all the time.

Wednesday, 16 June 2010


The next best look on that shoot was the one below where the Spanish flag becomes a head-scarf:

Then I went to Canterbury Kent for the Kent Summerball on the 5th June with Akua and her friends.

Kent's pretty cool- everything you need without the bustle of London and lots of charity shops- I got a red box bag.

The ball itself was fab- free candy floss, a funfair, cheap drinks and great for fashion-watching I spied a lot of Topshop and Lipsy dresses and I thanked above no-one had my ASOS dress.

Hottest look of the night

Next best look on the night

The highlight was Florence and the Machine and I was right at the front for her. She looked and sounded amazing and I was really glad I saw her. Unfortunately I missed Tiny Tempah when I went to change out of my heels.

Over the course of her set, Florence changed her outfit 3 times. Below she tucks her sheer top into her leather shorts.

And then takes it off altogether. It was so hot in the crowd as well. A lot of people sweated their make-up off. Luckily I didn't, but then again I wasn't wearing much to begin with.