Tuesday, 15 June 2010


So I've been really busy over the last couple of weeks which is why I haven't been posting but here is a giant post about what I have been up to make up for it.

I assisted on a menswear shoot with Jade on May 26th which was fun. It had really cool accessories and cool trainers:

My favourite pieces on this shoot were the TWO WEEKS pieces below- I have a bit of a feather obsession so a feathered headdress, feather earrings and feather cuff are my idea of edgy accessory heaven alongside studded things. The GAGA glasses were also amazing and coveted.

Then on the 31st May (a bank holiday) I trekked to Woolwich to attempt to do a photoshoot without a make-up artist, hair stylist, photographer, proper clothes or a proper model. Considering the above it came out alright. The theme was supposed to be WORLD CUP/TRIBAL and we got some countries flags to incorporate into the outfits.

This look is my favourite and was mainly put together by me using the Brazil flag.

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