Monday, 31 May 2010

# Guess WHAAAT, I'm not a robot... I'm just really fashionable

Marina from Marina and the Diamonds has the best style of all the so-called fashionable female singers i.e Pixie Lott, Paloma Faith, Florence and the Machine, Little Boots and La Roux. She rivals Bat for Lashes who is fabulous too. Why? because it actually seems to be who she is and not so contrived.

And here is her robot which is currently in Selfridges' windows.

Sunday, 30 May 2010

Previous work

This is link from my first ever contributing blog post:

Trend report for A/W 2010 on (I wrote the text on the pictures)

Fashion assistant for this shoot:

See previous posts for behind the scene photos.

What do you think?

Celebrating 40 years of Browns Fashion

I was lucky enough to see the Browns' 40th anniversary commemorative exhibition behind Carnaby Street before it closed. The exhibition started with a Missoni dress and Cacharel suit (above) as they were some of the first labels stocked and had old and new designer greats including Alexander McQueen, Al, Albert Elbaz for Lanvin, Ralph Lauren, Mark Fast, Karl Lagerfield for Chloe, David Korma, Alexander Wang and more with beautiful portraits of fashion figures with the clothes displayed.

Tuesday, 25 May 2010


This week I saw this Mark Smalling for GQ editorial. He looks great cast as a surfer/ hot musican and the shoot looks really fun and relaxed with great styling.

Check out his interview here

Monday, 24 May 2010

3rd Year Graduate Show

At the beginning of the term my class was set an assignment to produce a presentation on a 3rd year on a graduate and their final collection. I was given a menswear designer called Hye. Thursday was their final show and, after grappling with crowds and queueing for over half an hour in our own uni, we finally got in.
The talent presented many different styles, perspectives and imaginations. It was fanastic to able to see the different bewteen the first year's White Show and this. The craftmanship was perfect and professional and there were some truely amazing pieces.
The video below shows the 6 looks from my designer Hye.

Will post more videos of the show when I figure out how to compress them.

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Champions League Final

The best and most stylish manager in the world. There is nothing else to say...
P.S. My friend informed me of a recent Mourinho sighting at the Sloane Street Chanel store. He apparently spent thousands of pounds on his amazingly lucky wife... How I wish I had been there. Arrogance, Looks, Brains, Loyalty- he has it all and in like 4 languages.

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Fashion and Newprint

A couple of weeks ago, we had a lecture about Fashion and Newsprint given by Carly Eck, a FHT alumni. This had been the topic of her dissertation and she presented the ways in which newsprint had been used in fancy dress and fashion as early as Victorian Times. She charted its use through the 20th century touching on the yellow pages dress influenced by the Pop art of the 1960s, John Galliano's Newsprint dress for Dior A/W 2000 and Viktor and Rolf's 2005 interview in Observer magazine. She also looked at how the connotations of these newsprint garments had changed. From walking advert and emblem of commodity in culture to showing one's occupation to mass production to a comment on the ephemeral nature of fashion whilst extending the life-span of a newspaper to the way fashion becomes accessible through newsprint to nostalgia.

Then I came across an an article revealing that Carrie in SATC 2 would be wearing an original Dior newsprint dress which she wore on the show the first time round which implies a lot of the connotations above. Balenciaga  reinvented the idea of printing words on dress and did so futuristically in their A/W 2010 collection. However, as Nicolas Ghesquière says that his inspiration was 'Packaging and food boxes', this print remains just a pattern and nothing more.

Monday, 17 May 2010

Love this Quote and Fashion History reference

“If you and I were 16th-century prostitutes wading through the Venetian filth, I could see a point to us balancing precariously on two blocks of wood.” –Lisa Armstrong wonders how clogs sneaked back into fashion.

Lisa is refering to chopines- shoes worn during that century.
Extant chopines at the Metropolitan Museum in New York.

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Rihanna in Rolling Stone

Hot or too try-hard?
hot top though

On another note, she was looking cool off tour duty in London last week

Friday, 14 May 2010

Primark vs Burberry

Look at this blatant copying by Primarni.

The Burberry original

The Burberry one looks so much better. Imitation is never worth it.

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Chanel 2011 Cruise show

It followed the screening of Karl Lagerfeld's short film Remember Now yesterday. The show itself was really nice but then again I am not the type of person who needs a cruise wardrobe.
Key words:crop tops, denim, bare feet, flowery, bling sandals/belts, gingham swimwear, pastel colours/ beige trend continues, 70s, obi belt, flared brown trousers, sheer flowered body suit, monochrome.
My favourite look was worn by Georgia May Jagger
love love LOVE the boots.
Is there anyone else who agrees she is over-rated??

Crystal Renn is supposed to be a plus sized model but she looks slim to me. She's lost weight for sure which undermines all the opinion that the fashion industry is celebrating curves. She's only there as she's lost weight and she might lose even more.

New Brownie Unifrom: FASHION CRIME

Now I used to be a Brownie and I loved it. I was a sixer and seconder and was in the Sprites. I worked hard, filled in my handbook and got badges for my sash. Apart for the generally awful yellow and poo-brown colour scheme, the uniform wasn't too bad. Yellow Brownie sweatshirts, polo shirts, brown skirts or trousers and a brown sash.
But I was appalled to see that the uniform had been changed to brown velour-like full tracksuits, Brownie tshirts and baseball caps. In their attempt to modernise the uniform, the Girl Guiding Association made those poor girls look like mini chavs.

I was not impressed and felt sorry for them. Fashion should not be sacrificed for comfort.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010


I have a love/hate relationship with this shop but I can't deny they have some fabulous pieces for S/S10.
I'm in love with Crochet at the moment after seeing the gorgeous Kate Bosworth at Cochcella.

This is what Topshop have to offer:

The items finding their way into my wardrobe (hopefully) are:

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Grace Jones for Dazed and Confused

Grace Jones is a goddess. She looks amazing in her 60s and is still a fashion icon. I saw these photographs of her taken by Chris Levine on Dazed Digital.

The last one is simply stunning.

Here is my poor attempt to emulate Grace one theme night-

Find the article here

Diet Coke

As a recovering Diet Coke addict, I still love it but but drink it very rarely. However recently I have been coming across lots of Diet Coke inspired things to make me change my mind:

Gaga's amazing Diet Coke hair rollers- a fantastic way to recycle cans

Wah nail design

Karl Lagerfeld's new Coca-Cola Light (Diet Coke in Europe) bottle. They cost €3.50 from Colette.
I dunno if it comes with the drink but it sure looks pretty doesn't it?
What's interesting is the Kaiser actually loves Diet Coke because apparently he lost 90 pounds drinking only Diet Coke and eating only vegetables. If this is true... wow.

Monday, 10 May 2010


So I gave a presentation today about Poiret, a designer who worked in the early 20th c. He is important as his legacy can be seen in fashion today by the PR party launches, copyright laws, styles like the turban, bright colours and Oriental influences.

For our handout my group decided to include our favourite piece from the V&A collection. This was my choice:

This is my favourite Poiret piece because of the fantastic vibrant colour and its slouchy elegance. It looks like a piece that would effortless transform an outfit and gives an air of nonchalance to its wearer- like they don’t take fashion too seriously. I’ve seen many things like it but none as simple and as classic as this. Dated 1913, this mantle, based on a deconstructed kimono with a stylised bow on one side, is made of bright yellow wool and lined with black chiffon. It illustrates how Poiret was able to combine with rare harmony the bold colours of Fauvism, the vision of Cubism and the exoticism of Eastern garments.

World Cup ball skills

Now this is the year of the World Cup and as an avid football fan I am excited. There is always a World Cup fashion spread in one of the fashion magazine. They try to create more female interest in the players' bodies rather than the sport so they have at least one reason to watch the World Cup. Vanity Fair seems to have done the main one this year and have Dider Drogba and Cristiano Ronaldo on their cover.

I am estatic that Dider Drogba is finally getting the plaudits he deserves (I am a Chelsea supporter) and he is kinda hot. Ronaldo is... well hot it you cover his face at the moment. He used to look waayyy better. Maybe its because he's cheapened himself by appearing in the tabloids too often.

The shoot bascially shows several footballers representing their countries in tight flag underwear showing off their ball skills in more ways than one. I was dismayed to see that for England they chose Carlton Cole. WTF?!?! He isn't even that good and might not even be going. They should have put Rooney or Lampard or Joe Cole; Bent even. Anyone but him, but I suppose that Americans don't know much about football so it doesn't really matter. Kaka was there for Brazil but no Messi- the best player in the world. Some of the choices were bizarre- Muntari? Why? No Torres or anyone from Spain or France or Holland.

I was happy to see another Chelsea player i.e. Ballack and I rate Donovan more now he played so well for Everton.

Check out the behind the scenes video:

P.S I am supporting England (until they get knocked), Portugal, Holland, Nigeria and of course Spain

Sunday, 9 May 2010

BB Homemaker in 'Why do you love me'

Now I love Beyonce but this took her to another level. She looks... like a crazy/sexy/black marilyn monroe. I just want to be her and all her alter egos. And I dare say she looks like she's lost weight on her bootylicous hourglass figure. The styling is awesome- body suits, lashings of chunky gold jewellery, head scarfs, suspenders, stockings, gorgeous high waisted underwear and the most beautiful Dolce and Gabbana leopard bustier which I am coveting. She looks at her hottest since... well probably her last video or maybe 'Crazy in Love'. Her red/purple lipsticks, winged dark smoky eyes and pastel nails show we are definately on the same wavelength when it comes to make-up. The whole mood is exactly what I'm feeling for summer. She's making me really want to go blonde too...She rocks this look and, seeing as we have the same body shape, I wish I had the confidence...
The song itself is good too- great message/ positive break-up song

Saturday, 8 May 2010

New Nudes

The week of the 19th of April 2010 was very hectic. I showed the clothes pulling at American Apparel  and shoes for this Nudes shoot on the Wednesday of that week which was incidently the first day back from uni. I assisted the shoot on the day and we used some amazing Anita Quansah neckpieces which I proudly found on

acessories and clothes

Amazing neck-pieces

second look

 stylist in action




Preppy cool

sheer harems?

Yasmin at the end.

The shoot was really fun with cool people and ended early.

the final shoot has been posted on Check the shoot OUT