Sunday, 9 May 2010

BB Homemaker in 'Why do you love me'

Now I love Beyonce but this took her to another level. She looks... like a crazy/sexy/black marilyn monroe. I just want to be her and all her alter egos. And I dare say she looks like she's lost weight on her bootylicous hourglass figure. The styling is awesome- body suits, lashings of chunky gold jewellery, head scarfs, suspenders, stockings, gorgeous high waisted underwear and the most beautiful Dolce and Gabbana leopard bustier which I am coveting. She looks at her hottest since... well probably her last video or maybe 'Crazy in Love'. Her red/purple lipsticks, winged dark smoky eyes and pastel nails show we are definately on the same wavelength when it comes to make-up. The whole mood is exactly what I'm feeling for summer. She's making me really want to go blonde too...She rocks this look and, seeing as we have the same body shape, I wish I had the confidence...
The song itself is good too- great message/ positive break-up song

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