Monday, 10 May 2010

World Cup ball skills

Now this is the year of the World Cup and as an avid football fan I am excited. There is always a World Cup fashion spread in one of the fashion magazine. They try to create more female interest in the players' bodies rather than the sport so they have at least one reason to watch the World Cup. Vanity Fair seems to have done the main one this year and have Dider Drogba and Cristiano Ronaldo on their cover.

I am estatic that Dider Drogba is finally getting the plaudits he deserves (I am a Chelsea supporter) and he is kinda hot. Ronaldo is... well hot it you cover his face at the moment. He used to look waayyy better. Maybe its because he's cheapened himself by appearing in the tabloids too often.

The shoot bascially shows several footballers representing their countries in tight flag underwear showing off their ball skills in more ways than one. I was dismayed to see that for England they chose Carlton Cole. WTF?!?! He isn't even that good and might not even be going. They should have put Rooney or Lampard or Joe Cole; Bent even. Anyone but him, but I suppose that Americans don't know much about football so it doesn't really matter. Kaka was there for Brazil but no Messi- the best player in the world. Some of the choices were bizarre- Muntari? Why? No Torres or anyone from Spain or France or Holland.

I was happy to see another Chelsea player i.e. Ballack and I rate Donovan more now he played so well for Everton.

Check out the behind the scenes video:

P.S I am supporting England (until they get knocked), Portugal, Holland, Nigeria and of course Spain

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