Tuesday, 30 March 2010


I had to write a job application the other day and they asked me what my favourite fashion item was. I replied my Dr Martens and here's exactly what I wrote:

'My favourite fashion items are my Doc Martens boots. Mine are black patent which makes them both dressy and casual. They give edge to all outfits and are an individual quirky touch. The black means they go with everything and it takes certain guts to wear them properly. I can jump in puddles and let them get muddy at a festival and they look great and better than wellies. I wear them clubbing and they stylishly prevent my feet from being squashed or pierced by heels. They allow me to stomp fashionably and are so comfortable. The high heeled ones are a cop out, they're meant to be flat.'

Now I've been bitten by the DM bug there are so many other styles I want :

 Pascal- Crocodile Stamped
image courtsey of www.netaporter.com

Adrian Tassel Loafer

Image courtsey of drmartens.com

Darla Chelsea Boot (which kind of looks like the A/W 2010 Alexander Wang mule boots with colour tinted toes)

image courtsey of drmartens.com

image courtsey of style.com

And finally the perfect valentine's gift for me

courtsey of drmartens.com

Now all I have to do is make like Jlo and write 'Dr Martens' instead of 'Louboutins' (I like them too)

NB: Today (1/04/10) the Dr Marten boot turns 50. Here's to 50 more years of coolness ;-D

Sunday, 28 March 2010

First Post with a smidgen of Johnny Depp

Let me start off with simultaneous annoyance and joy that, although I lost an hour of sleep last night, SPRING AND SUMMER IS FINALLY COMING! Something to look forward to instead of all this greyness. Speaking of doom/gloom and dullness, I finally watched Edward Scissorhands with my sister yesterday. Yes, Yes I know... waaayyyy overdue- I couldn't believe how old the film was; older than ME! Anyway what struck me first was that it wasn't nearly as scary as I though it would be (how young does JD look in it?!). Secondly and more importantly how ON TREND the film was!

The whole Goth thing going on-black clothing, the leather and silver buckles around. Even the rips, holes and slashes the scissors would probably make. The Makeup- pale skin, black hair, pre-empts the whole vampire trend by about 20 years.

On the flip side- the pastel coloured planet with the aliens (women) who wear a single colour head to toe he lives on is another major trend- a Stone Age Wisteria Lane.

I love how things like this help emphasis the cycle that it fashion.
(images to be viewed only and courtsey of style.com, http://lowresolution.blogspot.com/2008/08/edward-scissorhands-rewatchables-photo.html,  http://storiesthatreallymattered.files.wordpress.com/2009/02/johnny-depp-edward-scissorhands-c10103916.jpeg, http://www.dvdbeaver.com/film/DVDReviews19/a%20Tim%20Burton%20Edward%20Scissorhands%20DVD%20Revierw%20Johnny%20Depp/a%20Tim%20Burton%20Edward%20Scissorhands%20DVD%20Revierw%20Johnny%20Depp%20PDVD_000.jpg, http://morningberryz.vox.com/library/posts/tags/japanese+dramas/ )