Saturday, 1 May 2010

Back to CH

So on Saturday (24th April) I decided to go to back to Christ's Hospital for Old Blue's Day. It was the strangest experience and I'm not sure it was altogether positive. Some friends and I met up to take that familiar train to our station- Christ's Hospital. It was completely surreal- I knew where everything was but times had definitely changed and I was no longer as welcome. I felt like a tourist in the magnificent Quad and marching into lunch felt like a distant memory. The best thing about the day was catching up with people as well as the picnic on Big side and I was lucky enough to sit in on my first ever band practise. In true CH style, there were problems on the train getting home but that was to be expected.

walk up from the station

nursery and tuck shop

back of westside

the fabulous Lau in our uniform

the headmaster's house

west side of the avenue

dining hall

quad and big school

octagon and music school

history block- my fave building

the library- where I spent a lot of time

the band

Grecians marching into lunch (like we all did)

the march past

inside dining hall

big side and the cricket

grange hill and art school

The wall of 20th century art

Celeste's amazing GCSE artwork

Eleanor's equally amazing GCSE artwork

Emily's horn

chapel- services and choir practises

I've studied these paintings so much when I've been bored by a sermon

THORNTON B. The best house ever- where I spent my Deps year (lower sixth)

I couldn't believe our year group photos were still up. This was taken on my Grecians and I'm second in on the left on the back row.

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  1. omg memories. thanks for posting these, i need to show these to my friends- they don't believe that we actually had to march in for lunch!

    i also studied those paintings in chapel and passed the time by attempting to use the remnants of my gcse latin knowledge to try to translate the text lol! xxx