Monday, 10 May 2010


So I gave a presentation today about Poiret, a designer who worked in the early 20th c. He is important as his legacy can be seen in fashion today by the PR party launches, copyright laws, styles like the turban, bright colours and Oriental influences.

For our handout my group decided to include our favourite piece from the V&A collection. This was my choice:

This is my favourite Poiret piece because of the fantastic vibrant colour and its slouchy elegance. It looks like a piece that would effortless transform an outfit and gives an air of nonchalance to its wearer- like they don’t take fashion too seriously. I’ve seen many things like it but none as simple and as classic as this. Dated 1913, this mantle, based on a deconstructed kimono with a stylised bow on one side, is made of bright yellow wool and lined with black chiffon. It illustrates how Poiret was able to combine with rare harmony the bold colours of Fauvism, the vision of Cubism and the exoticism of Eastern garments.

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