Monday, 14 June 2010

How to dress for the World Cup

Although I was annoyed at the England result on Saturday, I was very impressed by the Americans. Apart from the fact that a number of their team play for Fulham (the 2nd best team in West London after my Beloved Chelsea); they were faster, fitter and leaner than us.
Katy Perry also scored an outstanding fashion goal when I saw pictures of her fabulous rubber flag dress- Half US flag, half Union Jack (there is almost no need to point out that the English flag is red and white and that we were the only team in the UK to get to world cup). But it works due to the colour scheme.

This dress is very reminiscent of Beyonce's in Lady Gaga's Telephone video

Both ladies are rocking the rubber with ample curves and look amazing.
Katy Perry is winning more in my opinion as she wears football themed fashion very very well and inspires me to try it... when I can afford bespoke clothing.
Her West Ham ensemble was genius and I really want a Chelsea one!!

Before the World Cup I was getting really excited about dressing up properly but, after England's performance I have decided not to. Why would I want to draw attention to the fact that I support such a over hyped team. In this sense I wish I was Spanish or Brazilian during a World Cup because their praise is justified.

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