Wednesday, 16 June 2010


The next best look on that shoot was the one below where the Spanish flag becomes a head-scarf:

Then I went to Canterbury Kent for the Kent Summerball on the 5th June with Akua and her friends.

Kent's pretty cool- everything you need without the bustle of London and lots of charity shops- I got a red box bag.

The ball itself was fab- free candy floss, a funfair, cheap drinks and great for fashion-watching I spied a lot of Topshop and Lipsy dresses and I thanked above no-one had my ASOS dress.

Hottest look of the night

Next best look on the night

The highlight was Florence and the Machine and I was right at the front for her. She looked and sounded amazing and I was really glad I saw her. Unfortunately I missed Tiny Tempah when I went to change out of my heels.

Over the course of her set, Florence changed her outfit 3 times. Below she tucks her sheer top into her leather shorts.

And then takes it off altogether. It was so hot in the crowd as well. A lot of people sweated their make-up off. Luckily I didn't, but then again I wasn't wearing much to begin with.

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