Saturday, 24 April 2010

Primark does Really Realistic Rip-offs

When I went into to Primark Oxford Cirus to try and return something, I noticed that I seen certain pieces last year in other shops.

This Dress is very similar to Rosalind Keep's Trompe L'Oeil mini collection for Oasis last year.

I've seen garments just like these last year in Topshop and New Look.

Those striped maxi dresses look exactly like the ones Asos used to sell.

I think that it is disappointing that Primark doesn't make original pieces and copies its high street competitors’ past collections. Although this is a common occurrence in fashion generally, this is made worse is by the fact that it is poorly made and is almost as expensive as the original. Primark is now around the same price as New Look but, as it still has that 'CHEAP/DISPOSABLE' reputation, there are enough mindless shoppers who will continue to buy their clothes. Personally I try not to buy Primark clothes anymore (except the one oversized lace shirt I bought a few months ago) - just shoes, bags and tights. This is due to the quality but mainly because I can't stand the idea of a million other girls having the same dress and/or recognising where my dress is from.

A future pay day treat

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