Thursday, 29 April 2010

I love Jose Mourinho

The 'Special one' really shone tonight with his 3-2 aggregate win over the best team in the world. Barcelona were beaten and I feel that karma has delivered justice. Last year Chelsea were denied by dubious refereeing by that madman, and so they had a harsh Bojan goal ruled out tonight. Oh well. I don't care. I'm ecstatic that Mourinho won and will be rightly described later today as a 'tactical genius'. However he did exactly what Chelsea did last year- parking the bus and keeping compact to stop Messi and co playing. His celebration was emotional. He courts attention and controversy but although he talks the talk, he can definitely walk the walk. Now he has the chance to win his 2nd Champions League. I, for one, really hoped Roman A watched this and questions why Jose wasn't given much time at Chelsea. This trophy would have surely been ours this year  if he had stayed. He came back to haunt us and destroyed us in the Champions League; he might do it again if he joins Man United or Man City which scares me. He built the Chelsea team playing today. That FA cup we won in his absence belongs to him. The Premier League we might win is his too. Inter will win the Champions League- they and him deserve it after playing and beating Barcelona over 4 games in this Champions League. This is why, whilst I am delighted for Mourinho's success, I rue the day we let him go...

NB Didn't he look fabulous tonight?

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