Sunday, 18 April 2010

Day out with Akua 1

Friday was 'Catch up with Akua' day so we decided to be cultural and hit the V&A. The Grace Kelly exhibition wasn't open until the next day and the line for the Quilts exhibition was so long so we just wandered around.
18th century Fashion dolls!

Tracey Emin Longchamp bag 2002. I love her work

It was good to see this particularly as I did an essay on the male suit in the early 19th century last term

Stays and corsets fascinate me as they have so many different conatations (I did an essay on them too)

A little Grace Kelly taster.

The 'country bumpkin' look which I love right now. I really want a green Barbour.

underwear as outerwear

A photograph from my first visit to the V&A photography space. This was our favourite piece. It's by Maud Sulter and is called Terpsichore (Delta Streete) 1989. The photograph is of the performance artist Delta and this representation of contemporary black women questions the idea of 'national heritage'- she is a product of empire.

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