Sunday, 28 March 2010

First Post with a smidgen of Johnny Depp

Let me start off with simultaneous annoyance and joy that, although I lost an hour of sleep last night, SPRING AND SUMMER IS FINALLY COMING! Something to look forward to instead of all this greyness. Speaking of doom/gloom and dullness, I finally watched Edward Scissorhands with my sister yesterday. Yes, Yes I know... waaayyyy overdue- I couldn't believe how old the film was; older than ME! Anyway what struck me first was that it wasn't nearly as scary as I though it would be (how young does JD look in it?!). Secondly and more importantly how ON TREND the film was!

The whole Goth thing going on-black clothing, the leather and silver buckles around. Even the rips, holes and slashes the scissors would probably make. The Makeup- pale skin, black hair, pre-empts the whole vampire trend by about 20 years.

On the flip side- the pastel coloured planet with the aliens (women) who wear a single colour head to toe he lives on is another major trend- a Stone Age Wisteria Lane.

I love how things like this help emphasis the cycle that it fashion.
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