Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Clothes Show Live

This weekend just gone was the Clothes Show London at Earl's Court and I was there on Saturday helping out at the Bitching and Junkfood <3 Neurotica Stall with Becc (Bloody Gray Pr founder/ owner) and Marion (founder/owner of Bitching and Junkfood)
Our Stall:
 My outfit for the day:
Vintage Denim shirt, yellow bee print Neurotica dress, KTD bumbag (Bitching and Junkfood), Henry Holland Tights, H&M shoes, feather earring (Marion's design collaboration with Urban Outfitters) and Bitching and Junkfood glasses (in this picture). Both Becc and I changed and added to our outfits over the course of the day.
Our stall was the best for fashion as the other stalls were disposable, mainstream and boring. However the accessories and jewellery I saw were fantastic.
These necklaces were on a stall called Reem showcasing both Reem and Maria Lau's jewellery. I loved the black ruff so much that I bought it.
There was also a few places were you could make your own charm jewellery for under £10. My personal favourite was Junk Jewels.
Another cool jewellery stall was Malaya
I'm going through a ring fascination at the moment so here are my picks from the stalls:
Reindeer antlers from Junk Jewels
angel wing charm from the same place
Wolf head from Malaya
 These was amazing vintage jewellery stall near ours which were selling 2 pieces for £10 or 1 for £7.
I bought some gold earrings with dangling elephants.
 These earrings also caught my eye.
They are made by Bianou. They're cool but very easy to D.I.Y.
Pearl and Ivy made headbands and earrings using feathers.
They also made flower headbands in collaboration with Urban Outfitters and I bought a blue one.
One funny piece that I spotted was this Metro corset which links to my previous Fashion and Newsprint post.
All in all I realised that Clothes Show was basically a High Street Elle Fashion weekend. It was ok but it really isn't the place for those really serious about fashion... only those who think they are.

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